Brief Introduction of Sazvarehno Consulting Engineers

This firm began its activities on Aug. 28, 1982 through the confirmation of its competency by the planning and budget organization in carrying out consulting services for development projects in the field of Architecture and joined the Engineering Consultants presenting the follow services:

Implementation and presentation of technical consulting services such as services of preliminary survey, technical and economic justification and feasibilities of the projects; supervision over implementation consultation services during the period of exploitation and maintenance services as well as implementation of the collective integrated consulting services and construction.

During this time, the firm has carried out many different projects in the fields of architecture, urban development, land scaping and design of green area, and research projects about which a short description is presented.

This consulting engineering firm was selected as the appointed consulting engineering firm for Tehran Municipality on Aug. 8, 1993. The firm is member of the Iranian Consulting Engineers Society, Trade Association of Architectural and Urban Development Consulting Engineers, Iranian Technical and Engineering Services Export Company, and Khoozestan Ultra-Development Company.

Also this firm after getting the first degree in Direction and civil construction control at great Tehran from the municipality of Tehran in April 1997, is active in arranging the files , exporting the license , quality control , lack of guilt in construction and license of the districts of municipality of Tehran .


This consulting engineer is activated from 1982/8/28 with the name SAZVAREH CO. (After confirmation of managing and planning organization of country) till now.

Directors & shareholders

A Paragraph description about management team of Sazvarehno....

Ghodratollah Ghezelayagh
CEO & Managing Director

Master of Architecture from University Of Tehran Faculty of Fine Arts

Behrooz Nikakhtar
Executive Director

Master of Architecture from University Of Tehran Faculty of Fine Arts

Mahmoud Sondocie
Deputy CEO

Master of Architecture from University Of Tehran Faculty of Fine Arts

Abbas Homani
M.S Structural Eng.

University Of Isfahan

Farshad Omrani Fard
B.S. Civil Eng.

Islamic Azad University


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    خط یک: 50 8500 22 (021)

    خط دو: 80 8500 22 (021)

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    روابط عمومی: sazco@sazco.com

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    تهران، خیابان پاسداران، نگارستان نهم، بن بست مینو 1، شماره 3

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