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Brief Introduction of Sazvarehno Consulting Engineers

This firm began its activities on Aug. 28, 1982 through the confirmation of its competency by the planning and budget organization in carrying out consulting services for development projects in the field of Architecture and joined the Engineering Consultants presenting the follow services:
Implementation and presentation of technical consulting services such as services of preliminary survey, technical and economic justification and feasibilities of the projects; supervision over implementation consultation services during the period of exploitation and maintenance services as well as implementation of the collective integrated consulting services and construction.

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Sazvarehno Book

On the eve of 35th year of operations of "Sazvarehno Consulting Engineers" we believe that with a glance to the past, present and future outlook, we can benchmark and identify the role and position of the company in archiving the national development goals and its ability in benefiting from native engineers and engineering experience in this professional and engineering firm.
With thank and appreciation to all colleagues in the past 35 years, we present this collection to the professional and client society who are interested in exploring this engineering firm of the country.

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    روابط عمومی: sazco@sazco.com

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